Ancient Roses, English Roses, Tuscany - Italy Italiano

Vivaio rose antiche is a garden where grow english and ancient roses. It set in the wonderfull landscape near the Tuscany cost of Maremma land between Livorno and Grosseto town not far from Volterra , Massa Marittima and Siena. It lies on a land of 20.000 square metres up a little hill in the middle of Val di Cornia close to Golfo di Follonica and Golfo di Baratti in the view of Elba Isle.

My love for roses and olive trees pushed me up to collect a big sort of cultivars of roses. Roses and shrub and weeds make a nice blending of scent.
Everybody walking in the garden will be able to choose the right kinds of flowers or to book them if it is not the right time yet.